iTero Element® Intraoral Scanner

The iTero Element® Intraoral Scanner from Align Technology, Inc., has been seamlessly integrated into the In-Office Solution. Synonymous with high precision, the iTero Element Scanner delivers an intuitive impression experience that helps you work smarter. Its continuous scanning design enables the clinician to scan in motion, eliminating the need to click each time you want to capture a scan. Moreover, with color scanning capabilities, the iTero Element scanner captures everything needed to produce outstanding restorations.

In collaboration with
Align Technology, Inc., and Glidewell Dental have come together to provide doctors with a proven digital workflow that simplifies the process of prescribing and delivering dental restorations.

iTero Element is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.

iTero Element 2
FastDesign Posterior Software and Design Station

The Software serves as the control system of the ecosystem, providing an easy-to-use restoration design tool, linking the suite of technologies and connecting users to Glidewell Dental. The design software employs artificial intelligence to auto-generate restorations for clinician approval, pulling from Glidewell Dental’s extensive digital restoration database. If you determine that a case would be best handled by the laboratory, the software allows for cases to be digitally submitted to Glidewell with ease. In-Office Mill

The In-Office Unit provides clinicians with a precision-quality milling machine that fits conveniently in the dental practice. The technology encapsulated in the unit was originally developed to meet the rigorous demands of the production floors at Glidewell Dental, where over one million crowns are made each year. Electric-powered and quiet, the unit gives clinicians the power to create restorations from popular materials right in the office. Ceramic Oven

The Ceramic Oven is an optional component that can be added to your In-Office Solution to enable you to crystallize lithium silicate ceramic restorations. While the majority of the materials available for the Solution do not require an oven cycle, the Ceramic Oven can be used to add custom characterization and achieve a result that precisely matches your patient’s dentition.