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3D Printing Materials

Choose from a variety of Glidewell and LuxCreo resins to meet your 3D printing needs for a range of appliances.

The fastprint.io™ 3D Printing Solution is also fully compatible with Keystone and Dreve resin materials.

3D Printing Materials

Print Clear Appliances with LuxCreo Digital Polishing™

Skip the time, skill, and labor that is usually required for clear appliances with LuxCreo Digital Polishing™. This advanced resin technology makes it possible to print crystal-clear mouthguards straight out of the printer with minimal post-processing required.

TuffSplint™ Appliance Resin

  • Provides a long-lasting nightguard with high flexural strength and modulus, and optimized rigidity and hardness for higher wear resistance.
  • Promotes higher patient comfort compared to rigid thermoformed nightguards.
  • Features an improved efficiency for printing and post-curing than the leading bite splint resin, plus a finely tuned chemistry that results in zero voids.
TuffSplint Appliance Resin

Choose TuffSplint™ for Lasting Toughness and Flexibility

Rigorous testing shows that TuffSplint™ has the ideal combination of strength, toughness, and flexibility — helping you create appliances that are both durable and comfortable to wear.

Flexural Strength and Flexural Modulus tests have been conducted under ISO-20795-1 requirements.
Shore Hardness tests have been conducted under ASTM D2240 requirements.
Tensile Modulus tests have been conducted under ASTM D638 requirements.
Modeling Resin

Glidewell Modeling Resin

  • Low volumetric shrinkage and high flexural strength means a more accurate finish with a precise fit.
  • Contains fewer detectable odors than competitor resins, creating a more comfortable experience for staff and patients.
  • Widely used in Glidewell labs, now optimized for in-office use.
DSA Dental Resin

DCA offers a world-first direct print solution for aligners and retainers, eliminating the need for manual polishing while providing exceptional clarity and precision.

DCA holds FDA Class II 510 (k) clearance and has completed CE IIa certification for direct print clear aligners.

Surgical guide material for implant procedures. DSG provides transparency, durability and biocompatibility, and accurate placement.

As an FDA Class I biocompatible material, DSG provides safety and precision in all your dental surgical applications.

For orthodontic, restorative, and implant models, DMR III offers fast, high-resolution 3D printing with toughness, further enhanced by its vertical printing ability for exceptional throughput.

DMR III features high detail expression and resistance to scratches.

For splints and nightguards, DNG combines fast print speeds with exceptional transparency and an easy fit. DNG has superb abrasion resistance, mechanical strength, and biocompatibility.

DNG holds FDA Class I clearance, with Class II 510 (k) pending.

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