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The fastscan.io™
Scanning Solution


fastscan.io™ lives up to the name — its speed and simplicity are exactly what we needed to expand our in-office treatments at a fraction of the cost of other scanners on the market. The fact that it has no monthly fees and even includes a cart, laptop, and monitor is outstanding.”

− Joshua Prentice, DDS | Flower Mound, TX

“Some in my staff had never used a scanner before. But after just two tries with fastscan.io™, their scans looked just as good as mine! The training was great, the hardware is easy to use, and the Glidewell lab is wonderful. I can’t say enough great things.

− George Marquis, DDS | Fulton, MS

I just can’t believe the excellent customer service I get with the fastscan.io Scanning Solution — when I call with a question, they have an immediate answer. That’s chairside support that I’m just so happy with. I feel like I have somebody in my corner.”

− Nicole Kim, DDS | East Greenwich, RI

Your Digital Workflow Starts Here

The fastscan.io™ Scanning Solution featuring the Medit i700 is available in both wired and wireless options and comes bundled with a portable cart and computer. Affordably priced and with no monthly subscription or licensing fees, fastscan.io is not only an attractive solution to digital dentistry newcomers, but also to those looking to add more scanners to their office or a cost-effective upgrade to their current scanner. Start delivering BruxZir® crowns and other restorations from leading materials by bundling fastscan.io with the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution.

Small Learning Curve, Big Savings

With comprehensive training and support provided by Glidewell, setting up and using fastscan.io featuring Medit i700 is an easy and user-friendly experience. Doctors can also submit cases to Glidewell and save $20 or more per unit on restorations, or use its open-system design to send cases to another lab of choice. With savings this good, fastscan.io featuring Medit i700 practically pays for itself. Click the link below to find out how much your practice can save.

Powered by Medit

The fastscan.io Scanning Solution delivers the speed, accuracy, and light weight of the Medit® i700® for an optimal user and patient experience complete with an ergonomic design, reversible tips, detachable cable, and a built-in UV-C LED surface disinfecting light. Scanner users will also enjoy access to a suite of proprietary Medit software and popular apps including Ortho Simulation, Model Builder, Crown Fit, and more. All programs are pre-installed and fully compatible for use with other CAD/CAM providers.

Technical Specifications

fastscan.io featuring Medit i700
fastscan.io Wireless featuring Medit i700
fastscan.io featuring Medit i900
Scanning Frame
Up to 70 FPS
Up to 70 FPS
Up to 70 FPS
Imaging Technology
3D-in-motion video technology/3D full color streaming capture
3D-in-motion video technology/3D full color streaming capture
3D-in-motion video technology/3D full color streaming capture
10.9 µm ± 0.98
10.9 µm ± 0.98
10.9 µm ± 0.98
245 g
328 g (including battery, tip)
165 g
Field of View
15 x 13 mm
15 x 13 mm
L: 18 x 15 mm; M: 14 x 11.5 mm;
S: 10 x 8 mm (sold separately)
Adaptive Anti-Fogging
Reversible Tip
Autoclavable Tip
Up to 100 times
Up to 100 times
Up to 150 times
UV-C Disinfection
Remote Control Mode

Medit and i700 are registered trademarks of Medit Corporation.

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