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The glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution enables clinicians everywhere to embrace digital dentistry. With ongoing support every step of the way, we’ll meet you wherever you are in your digital journey.

Use an intraoral scanner to collect a digital impression.

Upload the digital impression into design station software and confirm the AI-proposed design.

The restoration is created using a chairside mill, 3D printer, or at a lab.


Use the fastscan.io™ Scanning Solution to collect highly accurate digital impressions while also saving time and money for your practice.

  • Say goodbye to messy, uncomfortable impression material.
  • Increase case acceptance with treatment planning visual aids.
  • The glidewell.io In-Office Solution also integrates seamlessly with iTero, and is compatible with most popular scanners available on the market.


Take the guesswork out of restoration design with the AI-optimized software of the fastdesign.io™ Software and Design Station.

  • The software marks margins and auto-generates highly accurate, individualized restoration designs.
  • Designs are ready for milling in less than five minutes.
  • Get personalized help from an expert technical support team when needed.



Mill a full range of restorative materials for every indication right from your office with the fastmill.io™ In-Office Mill.

  • Deliver BruxZir® NOW crowns straight from the mill with no oven required.
  • Reduce appointment times and increase your productivity with high-speed fabrication capabilities.
  • Give your practice a competitive edge by offering same-day results.

Send to Lab

Clinicians trust Glidewell with thousands of digital impressions every day. We support every scanner on the market, allowing you to take advantage of the resources only the leading digital lab can offer.

  • Our dedicated digital technicians boast over 300 years of combined experience specializing in digital restorations, providing real-time review of scan quality to support our digital doctors.
  • Digital order workflows are optimized to get you your final restorations as quickly and efficiently as possible within three working days.
  • When you submit a digital case to Glidewell, you save $40 on screw-retained implants, $20 per unit on model-free all-ceramic restorations and $9 in shipping cost per case.

3D Printing

The fastprint.io™ 3D Printing Solution combines the innovation of LuxCreo with the simplified workflow of the glidewell.io™ In-Office solution to give clinicians an efficient and cost-effective 3D printing experience.

  • Use a range of Glidewell resins to easily print models and nightguards, plus a variety of LuxCreo compatible materials to create crowns, retainers, and aligners.
  • Boost your efficiency and output with the same AI-powered design software used in Glidewell’s lab.
  • Directly print clear appliances with minimal post-processing required using LuxCreo Digital Polishing™ resin technology.

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