™ In-Office Unit In-Office Mill

Create in-office restorations from sintered BruxZir® zirconia and other popular materials.

Produce Precision-Fitting Restorations

Manufactured in the United States by Glidewell Dental, the In-Office Unit is a 4-axis computer-controlled mill that encapsulates technologies originally developed for the laboratory production floor in a form that fits comfortably in the dental practice.

Offer Single-Appointment BruxZir® Crowns

The Unit makes it possible to prescribe and deliver same-appointment BruxZir Solid Zirconia restorations — no sintering oven or dental laboratory required. Glidewell Dental is uniquely qualified to offer the Unit, being both the developer of BruxZir Solid Zirconia and a company that’s enhanced countless laboratory workflows with innovative technologies to streamline the production of millions of full-contours restorations.

Enhance Your Everyday Routine

Designed to empower — not disrupt — your everyday restorative routine, the Unit is simple to use and features a quick, electric-powered spindle and quiet operation. Moreover, the unit doesn’t require an external air compressor; simply plug the system into a three-pronged, grounded power outlet and you’re ready for action.