™ Intraoral Scanner Intraoral Scanner

The™ Intraoral Scanner is the perfect solution for dentists seeking an affordable, straightforward path to digital dentistry with direct support from Glidewell. This high-speed scanner is powered by Medit and uniquely optimized for dentists to easily send their case to Glidewell, or seamlessly upload digital impressions directly to the™ In-Office Solution for same-visit BruxZir® restorations.

Connected to Glidewell.
Powered by Medit.™ features the speed, accuracy and light weight of the Medit i700 with direct Glidewell connectivity for an optimal user and patient experience. Dentists can easily submit cases to Glidewell and save $20 or more per unit on restorations, or utilize its open system design to send cases to another lab of choice. The scanner also comes pre-installed with a suite of proprietary Medit software and popular apps including Ortho Simulation, Model Builder, Crown Fit, and more.

Your Digital Workflow Starts Here

The scanner is available in both a wired and wireless version and can be bundled with a portable cart with laptop or computer that meets the top specifications for the best out-of-box experience. Affordably priced and with no monthly subscription or licensing fees, is not only an attractive solution to digital dentistry newcomers, but also to those looking to add more scanners to their office or a cost-effective upgrade to their current scanner. can also be packaged with™ to deliver same-day BruxZir crowns and other restorations from leading materials. 

Smooth, Comfortable
Scanning at any Angle

The handheld wand weighs only 245 g and features reversible tips, a detachable cable and a built-in UV-C LED disinfecting light to reduce the risk of contamination. Get high-accuracy 3D images with scan speeds up to 70 FPS that add more detail with every pass.