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Ready to learn what else glidewell.io can add to your practice?

Let’s talk! Provide your information below and we’ll be in touch soon.

Ready to learn more about what glidewell.io can add to your practice?

Let’s talk! Provide your information below and we’ll be in touch soon.

Are you among the dentists who are interested in chairside CAD/CAM dentistry but have concerns with frustrating design software, unsuccessful implementation and high financial costs? glidewell.io™ is the solution.

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Skip the Oven Wait — Mill, Cement and Move On

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  • Only Glidewell milling systems allow you to mill same-visit BruxZir® NOW restorations
  • Save time and money by eliminating the oven time and extra handling required for other in-office zirconias
  • Also available in a NEW BruxZir Esthetic formulation for anterior cases

Effortless Same-Visit Crown Design

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  • With intuitive CrownAI technology, you get one-click designs and don’t have to learn anything you don’t already know
  • Computer-assisted margin marking based on intraoral scan and millions of cases completed at Glidewell
  • Ready to mill in less than 5 minutes — just complete your margins and approve the design
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Streamlined, Cost-Effective Solutions Through Vertical Integration

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  • Our dedication to owning the entire manufacturing operation behind our dental products and services optimizes results, ensures quality, and minimizes cost markups
  • Fully supported by the manufacturer, with dedicated teams responsible for implementation, training and support

Complete your digital journey with the glidewell.io In-Office Solution.

$49,995* (Get 0% financing at just $833/month for 60 months. Plus, save $10,000 on your 2021 taxes!)

Includes fastdesign.io Software and Design Station and fastmill.io In-Office Mill

12-month warranty
1-year software license
3-month Gold Subscription Service
45 free milling blocks
Exclusive advanced course in Irvine, CA (with airfare and two-night hotel stay for doctor and one team member)

Looking to invest in a new intraoral scanner?

Add the iTero Element® 5D Plus to this package and get the complete solution for just $84,995* (Get 0% financing at just $1,416/month for 60 months, and save on your 2021 taxes!)

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You’ve never seen digital dentistry quite like this!

The glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution is an easy, affordable CAD/CAM system created by the pros. Check out the video for a virtual tour and see how simple it really is to get started with same-day crowns.

0:00-2:33 Introducing glidewell.io
2:34-14:19 Intraoral scanner demo
14:20-21:32 fastdesign.io™ crown design demo
21:33-24:34 fastmill.io and BruxZir® NOW milling demo

A Remarkable glidewell.io Story

“I volunteer with a program that provides dental care to veterans in need. One of my patients had to travel 60 miles one-way to receive care, so the ability to scan, mill and deliver his crowns in a single visit with glidewell.io helped make his treatment possible. Since BruxZir NOW zirconia crowns require no post-processing or oven time, the process was simple and fast.

One visit and done! Happy dentist, happy patient.”

Stephen_Blank with Patient

Dr. Stephen Blank with his patient after receiving same-day BruxZir NOW restorations.

*Offer expires Dec. 31, 2021. Monthly pricing reflects a 0% interest rate. Offers cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with any other offers.
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