™ Ceramic Oven Ceramic Oven

Crystallize lithium silicate and characterize restorations with the Ceramic Oven.

Deliver Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Ceramic

To create true-to-life Obsidian® restorations, each Obsidian ceramic block must be crystallized after milling. The Ceramic Oven gives you the power to finalize and deliver lithium silicate ceramic restorations without sending the case out of the office.

Utilize Preprogrammed Oven Cycles

The Ceramic Oven arrives in your practice loaded with preprogrammed oven cycles calibrated for the range of in-office materials. Simply select the material-specific cycle to crystalize or characterize with confidence.

Characterize Your Restorations

An optional component of the Solution, the Oven enables the clinician to enhance incisal translucency, add characterization and adjust overall coloration of in-office restorations to better match the patient’s oral situation.