Create Restorations in Your Practice

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The In-Office Solution empowers with a wide range of restorative materials. Choose a material engineered specifically for the clinical situation, whether in need of a temporary inlay or a long-lasting full-coverage crown.

BruxZir NOW Restoration

BruxZir® NOW

The No. 1 prescribed zirconia is now available as a fully sintered in-office milling block — no oven needed.

  • Built on a successful legacy of 18 million BruxZir® restorations
  • Popular for posterior crowns demanding maximum strength
  • Mill in under 45 minutes*

Case Study

BruxZir NOW Case 1 Image (before)BruxZir NOW Case Image 1 (after)

Obsidian® Lithium Silicate

A monolithic glass-ceramic material with true-to-life translucency and esthetics.

  • Easy delivery, choose from bonding or cementing
  • Popular for single crowns in the esthetic zone
  • Mill in under 20 minutes*

Case Study

Obsidian Case Image (before)Obsidian Case Image (after)
CAMouflage NOW Restoration

CAMouflage® NOW

A versatile nanohybrid composite material ideal for permanent and temporary applications.

BioTemps NOW Restoration

BioTemps® NOW

An affordable PMMA material designed for esthetic, in-office-milled temporaries.

  • Use BioTemps® NOW to retain gingival position during the healing period
  • Popular for provisional inlays, onlays and full-coverage crowns
  • Mill in under 10 minutes*
*Milling times vary based on prescription.
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