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The glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution empowers dentists with a wide range of restorative materials. Choose a material engineered specifically for the clinical situation, whether in need of a bridge or a long-lasting full-coverage crown.

BruxZir Now

BruxZir® NOW

The only fully sintered zirconia for in-office use.

  • Recommended for posterior crowns demanding maximum strength
  • Mills in under 40 minutes;* skip the oven wait and deliver straight from the mill
  • Available exclusively for Glidewell milling systems
  • The No. 1 brand of full-contour zirconia, with over 31 million restorations prescribed worldwide

Case Study

BruxZir Now Before
BruxZir Now After
This patient presented with failing restorations and recurrent caries on teeth #12–15. The replacement BruxZir® NOW restorations are esthetic, comfortable and strong enough to last the patient long into the future.
BruxZir Now Bridge Block

BruxZir NOW Bridge Block

Mill same-visit multiple-unit restorations from the fully sintered zirconia you trust.

  • Recommended for permanent anterior and posterior 3- to 4-unit bridges
  • BruxZir NOW bridges can only be milled with the fastmill.io™ In-Office Milll
  • Optimized combination of strength and beauty

Case Study

This patient’s failing restorations for teeth #18–20 were replaced with a high-strength, esthetic BruxZir bridge milled chairside with the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution.

BruxZir Esthetic NOW

BruxZir Esthetic NOW

Fully sintered, highly esthetic zirconia for in-office use.

  • Recommended for anterior crowns demanding high strength and excellent esthetics
  • Mills in under 45 minutes;* mill, polish and place — no oven required
  • Available exclusively for Glidewell milling systems

Case Study

BruxZir Esthetic Now After

This patient’s existing PFM crowns on teeth #8 and #9 had developed a displeasing appearance. Both were replaced with BruxZir Esthetic NOW crowns with lifelike esthetics the patient loved.

CAMouflage Now

CAMouflage® NOW

A versatile nanohybrid composite material ideal for permanent or temporary applications.

  • Recommended for inlays, onlays, and anterior and posterior crowns
  • Mills in under 10 minutes*
  • Available exclusively for Glidewell milling systems
  • Long-lasting shade and gloss retention

Case Study

CAMouflage Now Before
CAMouflage Now After

This patient presented with failing direct composite restorations on teeth #30 and #31. A CAMouflage® NOW A1 overlay on tooth #30 and MOBL onlay on tooth #31 provided simple solutions completed with glidewell.io.

BioTemps Now

BioTemps® NOW

An affordable PMMA material designed for esthetic, in-office-milled temporaries.

  • Recommended for temporary full-coverage anterior and posterior crowns or bridges
  • Mills in under 10 minutes*
  • Available exclusively for Glidewell milling systems
  • Low water sorption means long-lasting strength and shade retention

Case Study

BioTemps NOW
This patient’s failing PFM bridge on teeth #7–9 was removed to make way for individual zirconia crowns. An implant was placed for missing tooth #9, after which a BioTemps® NOW bridge was milled in-office to provisionalize the teeth and protect the site during the healing phase.


A monolithic glass ceramic material with true-to-life translucency and esthetics.

  • Recommended for crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays
  • Mills in under 20 minutes*
  • Complete library of shades that blend well with surrounding dentition
  • Excellent long-term clinical performance

Case Study

Obsidian Before
Obsidian After
This patient presented with failing PFMs and recurrent decay on teeth #7 and #8. Obsidian® crowns were delivered in just one visit. To improve overall symmetry, same-day Obsidian veneers were also placed on teeth #9 and #10.

*Milling times vary based on prescription and mill used. Average milling time shown reflects use of the fastmill.io™ In-Office Mill.

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